Great Energy Savings!
• Simple Installation •
High Power Factor •
• Self Ballasted Compatible Corn Cob

• 5-Years / 50,000 Hours Warranty (*) •
Bright High CRI High Lumen Output
Suitable for Open & Enclosed Fixtures
• Built-in Surge Suppressors & Protection •
• CCT 5500K for MH & 3000K for HPS Replacement •
• Ruggedly Designed Metal Halide LED Replacement •
• 480V LED Corn Cob With Rated Life 50,000 Hours (*) •

The switch from HID lighting to LED lighting in recent years has affected all industries. LED, or light-emitting diodes, have a long lifespan and are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than HID, or high-intensity discharge lights. They also switch on faster, have higher light quality, produce less heat, and require less maintenance than HID lights.

Replacing high-voltage HID lamps, which are lamps above 480 volts in the United States and 347 volts in Canada, with LED lamps has been a challenge in the past. Generally, the higher the power, the higher the voltage. Olympia Lighting’s line of products solves the demand for LED replacements for HID lamps that work at high voltage.

What is the wattage range for these lamps?

The 480v LED replacement product line extends from 40 watts, which equals the equivalent of a 175 watt HID lamp to 500 watts, which replaces a 2,000 watt HID lamp. All of the products use high lumen terawatts, which means they generate between 130 to 160 lumens per watt.

Our 480v LED replacement product line also has a Coloring Rendering Index of 75, which means that the light faithfully reproduces color at 75 percent of what the sun does. This CRI of 75 compares with a CRI of 22 for high-pressure sodium lighting.

Our product line also has a high power factor (PF) and low total harmonic distortion (THD), which ensures the equipment will operate properly over the long-term.

How difficult is the HID LED retrofit?

Not difficult. In most cases, we use an internal driver and bypass the existing ballast that is driving the HID fixture. In places where we need an external driver, we cut the ballast out, put in our LED driver, run the main power into the LED driver and run the output of the LED jogger into the lamp socket.

We’ve also designed our replacement lamps to fit perfectly into existing fixtures. For example, we’ve taken the dimensions and invented a 250 watt LED bulb to be the same size as a 1000 watt metal halide bulb. That means our metal halide bulbs will fit perfectly by just removing a screw.

How do you protect your LED lights from power surges? 

Electrical surges can be especially problematic for many LED lights. The surges cause components and wires to overheat and melt, which leads to short circuits and damage to the lights. Every one of our lights includes a patent-pending surge protection device, which is unique in the industry. The device enables our lights to survive power outages, surges, and lightning strikes. Our lights also are guaranteed for five years or 50,000 hours. 

Olympia Lighting, with warehouses in New Jersey and California, is a certified ISO 9001 company. This certification means that we meet globally established stringent quality control standards. We are a metal halide corncob lamp manufacturer & supplier offering directly to electricians and electrical and lighting wholesalers, in both English and Spanish. Contact us today online, by phone at (833)-963-1208 or by email at

Compatibility and Efficiency Simplified: Upgrade to our metal halide LED replacement bulbs effortlessly as they seamlessly work with your current ballasts. No complicated installations or rewiring necessary. Just bypass or swap out the ballast with our LED driver for a simple and hassle-free embrace of energy-efficient LED lighting.

Longevity and Resilience Perfected: Say goodbye to frequent bulb changes with our metal halide LED replacements that boast an incredible lifespan of 50,000 hours (*). Enjoy long-lasting illumination without constant maintenance. Designed to handle daily demands and rough conditions, these bulbs offer reliable performance for years to come, standing the test of time.

Effortless Installation Made Easy: Switching to LED lighting is a breeze with our metal halide LED replacement bulbs. Even without extensive technical skills, you can simply fit them into your existing fixtures with minimal adjustments. Remove a screw, insert our energy-efficient LED bulb, and experience the benefits of LED lighting in no time.