Company Profile

Application Specific Designs... Plus Competitive Manufacturing!

The company is headquartered in the USA with warehousing and sales facilities in California & New Jersey.

The Quality System is ISO-9000:2000 certified, and complies with safety standards such as UL & CSA for USA and Canada, and CE for Europe.

Our manufacturing complies with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements, local labor laws, and environmental requirements.

We have pioneered green and alternative Energy Products since the early 90’s, and have been among the first to produce Solar and LED lighting.

We produce OEM LED signs and solar powered devices for various companies in the USA. We are proud to provide custom and tailored lighting solutions.


The Competitive Edge:

Competitively Priced LED lamps.

Perfect “form factor” to fit existing power systems.

Replacement of complete HID lamps range from 50W to 1,500W.

Industrial grade LEDs & parts ensures >50,000 hours lifespan.

Wide operating range for 120V to 277Vac Applications.

Higher Lumens per Watt than competing products.

Customized LED lighting solutions.

Our LED Lighting Benefits:

Fast Return on Investment (ROI) and Big Energy Savings.

Low heat output reduces air conditioning costs.

No mercury or health risks to worry about.

Longer life than other technologies