LED Lighting in a Shopping Mall Project

Olympia lighting is leading the lighting industry in its transition from high-intensity discharge lamps to LED lights for shopping malls. These venues have a range of lighting needs for customer safety, ambiance and decor.

Additionally, Olympia’s projects for lighting in malls must take into account that many of these lamps and fixtures will operate on a 24/7 schedule. Lighting in shopping malls must stay cool, operate efficiently and still deliver a long life cycle before burnout.

Benefits of Olympia LED lights for Shopping Malls

Olympia’s LED lights have proven to be the best replacement for traditional high bay, retail light bulbs. Not only are our LED lights available in a crisp white quality of light, we also provide lighting across the full range of color temperatures from 18k to 55k.

Other benefits of our projects to retrofit lighting in shopping malls include:

  • LED bulbs last longer than CFL incandescent, halogen and light bulbs.
  • Expect lower heat generation when compared to standard light sources in the shopping malls.
  • Olympia’s LEDs are designed for ease of installation, are more efficient, and will save on facility energy costs.
  • Our shopping mall LEDs are smaller, making them more versatile to fit modern interior designs.
  • Olympia provides retrofit kits for our LEDs that make switching over easy.

This means we are able to supply LED lighting options for parking decks, corridors, lobbies, food courts, atrium and retail stores.

3 Things to Consider for Mall Lighting

Olympia approached each shopping mall project by looking at the unique characteristics of each area. Some lighting was selected for maximum security and safety, while other LED light bulbs would be needed to provide a soft glow to retail areas. The last thing we wanted was to cast a poor light on consumer products and possibly cost the retailer sales.

We specifically chose our bulbs to fit each area and paid special attention to the following:

  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) – to accurately reveal the true colors of clothing, objects and people.
  • Intensity/Lumens – a common measurement for brightness that should match the removed lighting.
  • Color Temperature (CCT) – to achieve the right hue and tone of white light emitted from an LED bulb.

Visit us at Olympia Lighting to discover how our LED retrofit packages can be used in your shopping mall or retail stores.