It is essential that gas stations be properly light during all hours of operation for safety and practicality. Olympia Lighting offers plenty of lighting options for gas station owners to ensure the business’s success and security.

Necessity of Gas Station Lights

Gas station lights are a necessity, to illuminate the location of the station to passersby, whether they are walking or driving. Additionally, gas station lights are also beneficial for advertising purposes.

Lighting Options

Olympia offers the option of LED canopy lights for gas station lighting as well as various other types that can adequately illuminate a gas station.

Wattage Options

Customers may choose from different wattage options that can provide a gas station with the ideal lighting. 

Reduced Energy Costs

When a business owner chooses gas station LED lights, they save money. LED service station lights don’t emit as much energy as traditional incandescent lighting. Therefore, this type of lighting can save a gas station owner money on energy expenses.

Weather Resistant

An LED gas station light setup will include lights that are weather resistant. They’ll hold us against rain and snow. Additionally, they can withstand extreme heat in states like Arizona and Nevada.

Gas station LED lights help customers to see and will ensure everyone in the parking lot stays safe. Plus, LEDs help a gas station owner to save money on energy expenses. Lighting options allow owners to customize their light, so they have a setup specially designed for their needs.


  • Olympia’s lighting is customizable in varying brightness for what your gas station needs.
  • Our LED gas station lights are weather-resistant, so they’re perfect for gas stations that need to be open during all hours of the day and withstand extreme temperatures or storms.
  • Our gas station LED lights provide energy savings to keep your business running efficiently!

Reach out to Olympia Lighting, Inc. for any of your gas station lighting needs!