Olympia Lighting, Inc. understands that hospital parking garages see a great deal of traffic from family, patients and staff. With hospitals being open all hours of the night, LED lighting in hospitals and healthcare facilities is essential for safety purposes.

Why LED Lighting in Hospital Parking Garage?

 LED lighting in a hospital parking garage is an eco-friendly and efficient business decision that also keeps your patrons safe and your property secure. 

Energy Saving Motion Sensors

Motion sensors help to reduce energy usage and monthly energy expenditure. As a general recommendation, a hospital may choose to have a mix of motion-detecting lighting and continuous lighting.

A motion light uses only 25 percent of its possible energy when not in use. When in use, it then uses 100 percent of its possible energy.

Motion sensors are beneficial to every patron or security personnel who uses the parking lot at night, as they alert you whenever there is a movement in the garage.

Wattage Options

Wattage levels vary on the level of brightness. While those in the parking lot need light to maneuver on foot or in a vehicle in the garage, it’s important for lights not to be too bright as to blind drivers.

Weather Resistant

Our hospital parking garage lighting is weather resistant. It holds up to snow, wind, and heavy rains. It can even withstand high summer temperatures in places like Nevada and Arizona.

Withstanding and Safe Lighting 

Olympia understands that a continually running light, especially in high heat, must be built to last. That’s just what these lights are built to do, run for long periods without burning out or overheating. Therefore, hospital staff can feel safe knowing they won’t have to worry.

Lighting for hospitals and healthcare facilities is essential in protecting a hospital and keeping anyone who visits the parking lot safe. 


  • Olympia provides a wide range of energy-efficient LED lighting to help you save money in your hospital parking garage or lot.
  • Our weather-resistant lighting can last through rain, snow and excessive heat, so the security of your area is never compromised. 
  • Olympia also offers motion sensor lights for applications that need them, like hospital parking. 

Reach out to Olympia Lighting, Inc. for any of your lighting needs!