Olympia LED Lighting in Parking Garage Project

When it comes to a parking garage, customers’ safety ranks as the most important aspect. However, a business owner must also protect himself or herself when deciding on the layout. Therefore, one key feature for a nighttime parking garage is lighting. Fortunately, options exist that can save a business owner money and keep patrons safe, including LED garage lights.

Energy Reduction

Businesses with current lighting may replace current lighting with LED garage light fixtures for energy reduction. Firstly, the lights themselves use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Secondly, customers may choose motion-detecting LED lighting fixtures that only turn on for a designated time when they detect a person or animal moving.

Those who choose this type of light benefit from the energy efficiency they provide because it reduces their carbon footprint. Ultimately, this means the person is doing their share to help the environment.

Lighting Options for any Application

While lighting fixtures are available with motion sensors, you can also find LED garage light fixtures that are flush mount LED garage lights, meaning they rest flush with the ceiling.

Flush LED garage ceiling lights are the traditional lights people see when they’re in a parking garage, so they do follow suit with the trend. However, flush ceiling lights are protected from the elements more than standard lights.

They’re also more difficult for someone to destroy. Therefore, they protect the business’ investment.

Cost Efficient

As mentioned above, these ceiling lights are eco-friendly. While this is beneficial to the environment, it’s also beneficial to those who opt for this type of lighting. When compared to incandescent lighting, these lights use less energy, which means more savings for a business.

LED garage ceiling lights can protect a business while keeping everyone who uses the garage safe. Various options exist, so a business can choose the exact type of lighting they desire. Moreover, it’ll save a business money in the end by choosing LED lights from the start or switching to LED lights.


  • The LED bulbs offered by Olympia provide energy reduction. 
  • This energy reduction then leads to cost efficiency, saving a business money on their electrical bill. 
  • Olympia provides multiple lighting choices to find the perfect one for your business.

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