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Each metal halide replacement provides led lighting with high-quality light output, and Great Energy Savings !

• Bright • High CRI • High Lumen Output •

• High Power Factor • Self Ballasted •

• Rated Life 50,000 Hours (*) •

• Built-in Surge Suppressors & Protection •

• CCT 5500K for MH & 3000K for HPS Replacement •

• Simple Installation • High Lumen per Watt • Rugged Design • 

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Installation Instructions

High-intensity discharge lamps, or HID lamps, were popular 20 to 40 years ago. Metal halide lamps are one of the most popular types of HID lamps. They were popular for commercial uses outdoors because of the white color of their lighting, as opposed to a different type of HID lamp like high-pressure sodium, which emits a yellowish light.


Recently, businesses have sought to replace HID lighting with LED or light-emitting diode lighting. LED lighting is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than HID lighting and generates less heat. For many of these businesses, this switch to LED lighting means a metal halide led retrofit.


How difficult is a metal halide retrofit?


A metal halide retrofit doesn't have to be complicated. At Olympia Lighting, we have designed our LED lamps to fit perfectly in old HID fixtures, including enclosed fixtures, which are often tricky for LED lamps. Metal halide lamps contain mercury and generate a lot of heat at high power. This heat sometimes results in dangerous explosions or breakage, so many of the higher-power metal halide lamps were placed in enclosed fixtures for safety. LED lights generate less heat, but they also have electronics inside, so heat management is critical when they are enclosed. We've designed all our lamps to withstand the heat of enclosed fixtures for at least 50,000 hours.


Retrofitting also doesn't have to be expensive. Many of our LED replacement lamps are SEC qualified, which means that customers nationwide can receive a rebate from municipalities or local utilities. A customer recently received a rebate for replacing the lights in the parking garage that equaled the cost of the lamps. Since the LED lamps save energy, customers save money on their utility bills after installation.


How efficient are the LED replacements?


Our LED replacement lamps provide efficient light, about 165 lumens per watt. A 100-watt lamp will provide 16.000 lumens and the equivalent of a 400-watt metal halide lamp. A 1000w metal halide led replacement requires only a 250w LED lamp. Our product line goes to 300 watts, which is the equivalent of a 1200- watt metal halide lamp.


The LED replacement lamps also provide excellent color visibility. The Color Rendering Index is 75.


Are LED lights highly susceptible to electric surges?


Electric surges can significantly shorten the life of LED lights. The surges can cause components to overheat and melt, leading to short circuits. We have developed a surge protection device that we insert into our LED lamps to prevent this damage. This patent-pending device is unique to our company and our products. Because of this product and other aspects of our design, we are confident that our lamps will last beyond their five-year, 50,000-hour warranty.


Olympia Lighting is an ISO 9001 certified company. We sell to electricians and electrical and lighting wholesalers and speak Spanish and English. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you save money by replacing your HID lamps with LED lamps.

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