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    LED Slim Shoe Box Fixtures


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LED Outdoor Pole/Arm-Mounted  Area and Roadway Luminaires

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• 5-Years | 50,000 Hours Warranty (*) •

• High CRI  •  High Lumen Output •

• High Power Factor  • Low THD •

• 20KV/10KA Surge Protection •

• 0~10V Continuous Dimming: 5%~100% Brightness •

• Optional Integral Controls: Photocell, Motion Sensor () •

A slim LED shoebox fixture is a pole/arm-mounted area roadway luminaire. If you need to light a parking lot, a roadway, a small park, or another outdoor area, these fixtures are among the top choices to consider.


What is a shoebox fixture?


The shoebox luminaire derives its name from its shape. The fixture looks like a shoebox. In most of Olympia’s standard shoebox fixtures, the width is a little over half the length, but in the slim shoebox fixtures, the width is significantly less than half the length and can be as little as just over a third.


What are the advantages of a slim shoebox fixture?


The slim shoebox fixture product line was created to provide a lower-cost choice for streetlights. These fixtures are lighter in weight than other types of fixtures. Their materials are less expensive and they are easier to install. The slim shoebox fixture is a very competitive product, and customers find they like the shape and the cost.


As expected, Olympia Lighting’s slim shoebox fixtures bring all the advantages of LED lighting. They come on immediately without a warm-up period. They’re easier to adjust to provide modifications to light direction and the shape of the lighting pattern.


Shoebox lighting fixtures require little maintenance, and the cost savings of LEDs are becoming more and more attractive to businesses and government entities.


UV shoebox lighting is ideal for a situation where expense, convenience, and weight are major considerations, and it adds another degree of versatility to our LED product line.


How much power is available in a slim shoebox fixture?


The LEDs are powered by Philips Lumileds, and the fixtures vary from very low power up to the typical power needed for streetlights and lights for areas such as parking lots. They run a high lumen to watt ratio, around 130 lumens per watt.


They are available in 30W, 60W, 100W, and 120W, generating 3,900 lm, 7,800 lm, 13,000 lm, and 15,600 lm, respectively. The equivalents are 175W MH, 250W MH, 400W MH, and 600W MH. Nothing about the performance is changed from the standard shoebox fixtures.


With LEDs, it’s the flux in lumens and not the power that’s most important. These lower wattage LEDs provide as much light as old high-intensity discharge bulbs with many times the wattage.


What sizes are available?


The slim shoebox fixtures come in three sizes. As the name implies, the sizes aren’t all that different from the size of boxes for narrow shoes. They are:


- 12.4” x 5.3” x 3.3”

- 16.9” x 6.3” x 3.3”

- 24.8” x 8.5” x 3.3”


The smallest size puts out 30 watts, the middle size does 60 watts and the large size is available in 100 and 120-watt strengths.


What are the features?


- High power factor

- High lumen output

- ip65 rT 67 waterproof enclosure rating

- Built-in 20KV/10KA surge protection

- High color rendering index (CRI), about 80, maximizes color distinctions at night.

- Low total harmonic distortion (THD), less than 20 percent, minimizes LED harmonic interference


How long will the fixtures last?


The fixtures incorporate the Mean Well 7-years LED driver. The slim shoebox fixtures are warranted for five years or 50,000 hours.

What validations do the fixtures have?

The Mean Well is a UL listed LED driver. The fixture is RoHS compliant and LM79 and LM80 tested. As a company, Olympia Lighting is an ISO certified provider for smart LED lighting.


Contact Olympia Lighting to find out how slim shoe box fixtures and our other luminaire products can provide solutions for your customers and clients, not only for streetlights but also for a variety of outdoor lighting needs.

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