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Direct Replacement for High Power

Metal Halide Lamps in High Bay Light Fixtures

• Rated Life 50,000 Hours (*) • Directive 120° Beam Angle •

• High Power Factor • Self Ballasted • Bright • High CRI • High Lumen Output •

Design registration & Patent pending

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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Hi-Bay lamps light up indoor spaces, with an industry-leading guarantee and 5-year warranty. These Hi-Bay lamps are perfect for large spaces and high ceilings, from up to 50 ft. high. They can be used in industrial lighting situations, including factories, warehouses, supermarkets, retail stores, greenhouses, assembly areas, loading areas, and gyms.


Where You Can Find Hi-Bay Lamps and Fixtures


The lights support simple installation with built-in surge protection and suppressors, which is just one aspect that sets Olympia Lighting apart. This patent-pending feature allows the Hi-Bay fixtures on these lamps to survive if lightning strikes or if the power surges, making them last longer, with less chance of downtime or damage in virtually any commercial environment.


These fixtures can be used in outdoor environments, like parking lots or stadiums, that are frequently affected by environmental factors. Hi-Bay light fixtures are available with a range of options, including suspension kits, which are particularly popular for those huge warehouses, workspaces and open assembly areas. Hi-Bay fixtures support the best-performance illumination for your space, with the directive 120° beam angle.


Metal Halide Lamps in Hi-Bay Light Lamps


The metal halide (MH) lamps in the Hi-Bay light lamps are designed for industrial spaces and general-purpose lighting, with high-intensity discharge capabilities, exceptional efficacy, and long service life. Some of the key features are:

- They produce light via a vaporized-gaseous mix of metal halides and mercury.

- These lamps are similar to mercury vapor lamps.

- MH lamps have a high luminosity, with the highest lumens per watt.

- It is white in color, which is often used for outdoor commercial applications.


Prismatic reflector options support a high level of retroreflectivity for better traffic lighting control. These Hi-Bay light lamps offer excellent output and efficacy, with the power to illuminate your large space.


These fixtures last three times longer than most standard hid high bay fixtures, with great energy savings, with a rated life of 50,000 hours. All of that power, performance, and reliability is backed into the industry’s smallest form factor, with special heat management.


High Power Factor in the Hi-Bay Light Fixtures


Hi-Bay light fixtures support a bright, high-lumen output with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), which compares well with a natural light source. This means you have the level of visibility and illumination that you need for differentiating colors.


The high-power factor helps to improve the voltage regulation and reduce power losses and demand on the power delivery system. The combination ensures that you have better lighting performance and reliability, long-term. It's just what you need to support your commercial project.


The self-ballasted (SB) fixtures feature mercury-vapor lamps with a filament series that connects with the arc tube. The ballast ensures that the bulb stays lighted via the distributed energy through the fixture. Olympia Lighting’s Hi-Bay light fixtures are designed to be the long-lasting solution, with continuous and reliable functionality in all manner of commercial spaces.


Olympia Lighting and Hi-Bay Led Lamps


Olympia Lighting offers a 5-year warranty on our LED products and services. We work directly with electricians as well as lighting and electrical wholesalers to deliver the high-quality products that they need. We are also a proud member of the International Ultraviolet Association.


We’re conveniently located coast-to-coast, with the services and support that you need for your commercial project lighting needs. To learn more about how we can help you with your commercial project, contact us at 1-866-738-0008 or email us at info@olympialighting.com.

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