RETROFIT KITS 40W-400W 120-277V-480V

Self Ballasted

 High Power Factor

UL Listed LED Driver

 Rated Life 50,000 Hours  (*)

Bright, High CRI, Low THD

Built-in Surge Suppressors & Transient Protection

Suitable for Outdoor Pole/Arm-Mounted Area and Roadway Luminaires

Embarking on a journey to revitalize your lighting shouldn’t be a mundane task. With our LED Retrofit Kit, you’re not just updating a light fixture; you’re curating an experience. Imagine a spectrum of color temperatures at your fingertips, each LED light casting the perfect hue to reflect the day’s mood or night’s whisper. This isn’t merely a cost-effective path; it’s an artistic venture, a subtle rebellion against the humdrum of metal halide monotony. Our retrofit kits are the brushstrokes of genius on the canvas of energy efficiency, a bold stride into luminous legacy. Embrace the transformation, the renaissance of radiance with our retrofit light solutions. It’s not just a change—it’s a metamorphosis with our conversion kits.