• Dusk to Dawn Sensor
  • Long Life Lithium-ion Battery
  • All In One Beam angle: 150° x 70°
  • IP65 | Temp. Range -20°C to 65°C
  • Programmable, Integrated Motion Sensor
  • High efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Eco Integrated Solar LED Street Light Fixture
  • 10-Years Solar | 5-Years Battery | 50,000 Hours Lifetime (*)
  • Small and Lightweight with Built in Motion Sensor and Photocell

Our Solar Area Lighting Lights Up Dark Areas Without Electricity !

If you are looking for an eco-friendly solar powered street lighting solution, solar LED street lights are your answer. They are one of the most highly revered methods of lighting streets, a parking lot, or any space. For quality solar powered area lighting with LED light fixtures, look no further than the industry leaders at Olympia Lighting. With that in mind, let’s Take a look at the specifics of Solar LED Street Lights.

Old Technologies Die Hard 

Traditional lights are quickly becoming a thing of the past. While, on the whole, many areas are still using traditional street light fixtures, it has long since been realized that these lights are doing more harm than good on many levels. Not only do they cost more money to power and give off more heat, but they are also more toxic and carry considerably more maintenance costs. Most importantly, given that the world is moving in a much greener direction, traditional lighting will eventually be phased out. This is because LED light fixtures help us reduce our carbon footprint in general, which is one of the essential traits being sought out for those who are concerned with the future of the planet.

The Future of Light Fixtures

As mentioned, Solar LED Street Light fixtures are akin to taking a page right out of the future of technology. This is not only because they are green-friendly and help us reduce our carbon footprint but also because they can be used with solar panels, which allow them to become self- sufficient lighting sources. In other words, these solar LED street lamps can be charged during the day so they can be prepared to work all night. This makes solar area lights much more efficient than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, these lights also come complete with a 5-year, 50,000-hour warranty. This makes them a worthwhile investment for businesses and organizations of all kinds.

Moreover, despite the fact that Solar LED Street Lights have been around for quite a while, they have recently received an aesthetic upgrade. While they used to be bulky in appearance and were accompanied by a huge solar cell, the new age LED light fixtures are sleek, and much more attractive than their old counterparts. They also come equipped with a built-in battery and smart controller, which makes them the quintessential Solar LED street light fixture solution. Also, given that they are programmable and come complete with a dusk to dawn sensor, this makes them easy to use and control.

Overall, if you are looking to buy solar LED street lights, Olympia Lighting has you covered. These lightweight lighting solutions come with convenient dusk to dawn sensors, making them the top go-to for those searching for high-quality street lights. As they are easy to use and maintain, this makes them one of the most cost-effective options in terms of street light fixtures. If you are in need of premium quality street light fixtures, contact Olympia Lighting today!