SOX LED Replacement for a Longer Life & Greater Energy Efficiency in Street Lights & Roadway Luminaires

• 5-Years / 50,000 Hours Warranty (*) •

• Bright 230° Directional LPS Lighting •

• ETL Certified to UL1598C and UL1993 •

• Built-in Surge Suppressors & Protection •

• LPS LED Suitable for Open & Enclosed Fixtures •

• High Power Factor – Self Ballasted Sox Lamp LED Replacement •

As lighting experts, we know how important it is to provide our customers with outdoor lighting solutions that will keep wildlife safe, especially if their fixtures light an area that is heavily populated by animals. Providing your customers with an LED SOX lamp lighting solution can be a great way to help them care for their environment, while also saving money.

What Are SOX Lamps?

These low-pressure sodium lamps are an excellent option for businesses, parks, and organizations that want high power outdoor lighting that has a positive effect on the environment. Until recently, LED lighting was not an option for these types of lighting systems. Now, LED SOX lights are changing how lighting is done when it comes to considering the health of wildlife.

LED SOX lights emit a gold color of light. These LED replacements do not emit any blue light, unlike many other types of SOX light bulbs. LED SOX lights are energy-efficient, and can go a long way in lowering energy costs, especially when lighting a large area.

Blue Light And Wildlife

One of the problems with lighting areas in which wildlife are present is that the lights can disrupt the sleep schedules of animals. In some areas, such as public parks, animals can simply move somewhere else to rest. In other areas, such as beaches, it’s a little bit tougher for wildlife to remove themselves from the lighted area.

Blue light is known for keeping people and animals awake, despite their bodies being tired. If you’ve ever struggled to fall asleep after watching TV or playing on your phone, you understand how strong the effect of blue light can be.

When choosing to make the switch to LED SOX lights, you’re getting rid of the blue light that disrupts the sleep cycle of wildlife in the area. This allows animals to stay healthy and can work to improve populations of area wildlife.

Why SOX Lamps Are Different

When making the switch to SOX LED lamps, you’re getting bright, energy-efficient power. Choosing these low-pressure sodium lights isn’t just a smart move for the environment, it’s also a smart move for your budget.

LED Replacement Lighting Cost Benefits

SOX LED replacement lamps provide a high lumen output while using a fraction of the energy of other low-pressure sodium bulb options in the market. This is a major cost-saving benefit of sodium light bulb LED replacements and the reason why an outdoor light LED replacement will pay for itself over time.

Our Warranty

At Olympia Lighting, we believe in providing you with top-quality lighting equipment that will allow your customers to enjoy our products for years to come. We offer a five year or 50,000-hour warranty, allowing your customers to rest assured that if something goes wrong, they’ll be taken care of.

Reach Out To Olympia Lighting

If you could benefit from SOX LED replacement lamps, reach out to us at Olympia Lighting today. We’ll be able to provide you with the SOX LED replacement lamps that you may need, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have about your lighting options.