There is more and more concern about keeping our inside spaces clean and healthy. UV lights for commercial HVAC systems can effectively neutralize pathogens in the air. These systems cut down on contaminants and help keep the air we breathe disinfected.

Why Choose UV Lights for Commercial HVAC?

There are many areas in buildings where mold, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens could accumulate. But, daily disinfection of meeting rooms and other spaces often is not possible. The manpower included would be too time-consuming and costly.

Adding UV lights to commercial HVAC systems allows for the air to be cleaned of these particles before they enter the room. As a result, spaces are cleaner of these potential contaminants, without the added stress of disinfecting surfaces throughout the building at the end of every day.

Are UVC Lights Safe?

When some people hear about UV lights in their HVAC system, they worry about what they’ve heard about UV light damage. The good news is that there is no risk of HVAC UV light damage to individuals in the building. Because the lights are safely inside the HVAC system, individuals in the building are never exposed to them.

Our UV light products produce no ozone. While ozone can be an effective disinfectant, it can also be dangerous when it accumulates. Because of that, we’ve ensured that our systems are ozone-free.

The UV lights have the ability on their own to eliminate mold, bacteria, and viruses that could otherwise pose harm to health. With our clean and safe system, you can avoid exposure.

How are UV Lights Installed in HVAC Systems?

The installation of our products is simple for any HVAC contractor or electrical engineer. The optimal place for the UVC is right in front of the cooling coil. A cooling coil is a place where moisture can accumulate, which can lead to the growth of bacteria or mold. Adding a disinfecting light there can stop them from proliferating right at the source. Additionally, this is the ideal spot to conserve airflow.

There are also supplemental installations that can be put on using a magnet inside the unit. We can guide you on how to size light for HVAC systems to ensure that you have the right product for the application you have in mind.

Picking the Right UV Lights for Your HVAC System

Not all UV disinfection systems are created equal. Making the right choice can help you get a more effective system and save significant amounts of money over time. The size is typically based on the tonnage of the HVAC system or how much airflow you have to deal with. Every unit is different, and its needs should be addressed individually. We will consult with you on how to size UV light for HVAC so you order the correct part. Just send us the brand of your system and the model number, and we’ll let you know what the optimal UV is to disinfect your space.

Our products offer a peak wavelength of 265 nanometers. This allows for about 50 percent more efficiency in disinfection versus older technology. Additionally, our LED bulbs are good for 30,000 hours of operation, which equates to around a five-year warranty. With other products, they run for around 1,000 years.


  • The cost of UV light for air conditioner systems can easily be recouped in lower electricity costs and longer bulb life.
  • We help you pick the right UV lights for your HVAC system.
  • UV lights for HVAC offer disinfection without hands-on daily cleaning.


Having a system that can disinfect the air and remove airborne pathogens provides peace of mind. We offer a range of advanced HVAC disinfecting UV systems to fit all sorts of needs. Get in touch with us at Olympia Lighting today to learn more about our products!