Do UVC Lamps Kill Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is one of the most contagious and deadly viruses ever unleashed on the global population. Although a vaccine is expected to be approved shortly, it may take months before enough doses are available to the public that effectively stops the spread of COVID-19. To deal with the pandemic as we await a vaccine, scientists are learning that Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) could be a gamechanger in the fight against the coronavirus. In fact, recent studies investigating the efficiency of UVGI technology have found this type of light could inactivate the virus and render it incapable of causing illness.

Does UV Light Kill Coronavirus?

Ultraviolet light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum falling in the zone between invisible x-rays and visible light. UV light is subdivided into four categories according to their order of magnitude. A UV light sanitizer with an order of magnitude between 200nm and 280nm is called “UVC” radiation and is the kind of UV light needed for disinfection and pathogen eradication purposes. For decades, UVC lamps have been utilized to reduce the spread of infectious pathogens like polio and tuberculosis.

Researchers applying UVC radiation to the novel coronavirus have learned that UVC destroys proteins coating the outer walls of the virus. Once UVC radiation penetrates the virus, it ruptures the wall and inactivates viral processes. In addition, the RNA double helix strands within COVID-19 viruses are vulnerable to the destructive qualities of UVC radiation. When enough UVC is directed at the coronavirus, the ability to replicate once inside a host is significantly reduced and possibly disrupted altogether.

Does UVC Kill Coronavirus?

Peer-reviewed lab experiments have proven that UVC radiation inactivates the coronavirus. Virologists do not consider viruses to be truly “alive” because they do not engage in and complete certain processes characteristic of life as we know it. However, viruses do contain RNA or DNA coding information, a feature shared among all living things. This is why the term “inactivate” is used instead of “kill” when referring to the ability of UVC to disinfect surfaces and air contaminated with COVID-19.

Olympia’s UVC LED air disinfection devices offer effective coronavirus disinfection UVC light that circulates freely within air systems and makes ductwork environments hostile to bacteria, mold, viruses, and, most importantly, the coronavirus. The high energy sources used by Olympia are solid-state UV LED devices that do not contain mercury or other toxic materials that require special disposal services once the device needs replacement. Unlike mercury UV lamps that emit ozone gas harmful to the lungs. Olympia UVC LEDs emit no substances dangerous to your health.

Features of Olympia's Coronavirus Disinfection UVC LED Devices

UVC irradiation wavelength at the optimum 265nm to quickly inactivate COVID-19

Designed to provide the ASHRAE recommended minimum of UVC irradiation dose–1500 W•S/cm2

Exclusively tested by a third-party laboratory for effectiveness and product claims

Olympia and its UVC LED devices are a Registered Establishment with the U.S. EPA

Warranties commensurate with industry-leading standards established by U.S. based tech

All Olympia UVC air disinfection devices protect pets and humans from being directly exposed to UV radiation harmful to health

Olympia has UVGI systems available that can be used in a wide variety of environments. These include our:

– UVC Surface Disinfection Lamp

– UVC Germicidal Air Disinfection wall fixtures

– UVC Germicidal Air Disinfection Lay-in Troffer

– UVC Surface and Air Disinfection LED Lamp


– Ultraviolet light with an order of magnitude between 200nm and 280nm can inactivate the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

– UVC radiation has been used for decades to eradicate infectious bacteria and viruses and is completely safe for humans and pets

– Disinfecting air and surfaces harboring the coronavirus with UVC LED devices is highly effective for reducing the spread of the virus

Learn more about UVC LED devices for rapid coronavirus disinfection in the air and on surfaces by calling Olympia today. We can help you choose which device addresses your home or business’ needs.