In a recent lighting retrofit project, Olympia Lighting was called upon to replace 2000 watt roadway lamps with their proprietary 500 watt LED high mast lamp. Olympia is the only manufacturer and supplier of a mast light that can replace very high power and high fault circuits that may also generate high pulses.

Lighting roads with LED high mast light

For years, expressway and street lamp posts were outfitted with High-Intensity Discharge or HID lamps that output an unflattering light beam, had limited light coverage areas, and were notorious for delayed bulb cycling along with frequent bulb failure.

Olympia uses smart LED technology to overcome these common issues with traditional roadway lighting. They are even more energy-efficient than HID and produce a crisp white light that is preferred by drivers and pedestrians.

Benefits of Olympia LED high mast lamp

In this project, Olympia replaced existing roadway light bulbs with their LED high mast light that can be mounted as high as 60 to 80 feet high. Olympia is the only manufacturer that produces these types of high-power LED bulbs that can generate an effective beam pattern and brightness. Other benefits of the Olympia LED high mast lamp for highways and roadways include:

  • Incredibly lightweight bulbs, about 2 pounds, that add minimal weight to the pole.
  • A quick retrofit method: simply bypass the existing device and screw it to mimic the fixture.
  • Energy savings increase by replacing 2000 watt metal halide lamps with 350 to 500 watt LEDs – a savings of at least 1000 watts per volt.
  • With a five-year warranty on these bulbs, expect a life cycle of at least 50,000 hours compared to 15,000 hours for high pressure sodium bulbs.

Visit the Olympia website to learn more about these low-cost and low-maintenance LED lamps for roadway mast poles.