It takes a considerable amount of power to light up an Ice Hockey Arena. Olympia Hi-Power LED arena lighting systems offer a better, smarter, and more cost-effective option today. LED arena lights do require a considerable amount of power, but that is where the similarities between traditional metal halides and today’s new metal halide LED replacement options begin and end.

Benefits of Hi-Power LED Lamps

In addition to providing typically 1,000 watts to 1,500 watts for projects like ice hockey rinks, Olympia also is unique in being a leading provider of high-power LED arena lights and lighting systems for large venues.

Olympia has enabled customers to provide better lighting solutions that result in easier maintenance than older typical lighting fixtures. Olympia’s LED lighting solutions, like cluster LED lights, have also shown to be a smarter option delivering more light with as little as 75 percent of the energy normally used. And this also has equated to being a more cost-effective lighting solution.

There also is no longer the need to turn on the arena or stadium lights three hours beforehand, as LED arena lights and solutions like Olympia’s cluster LED lighting solutions don’t require time to warm up.


From metal halide LED replacement options to a smarter lighting system, Olympia’s LED lighting solutions provide many advantages including:

  • LED Arena Lights save time and energy warming and lighting an area when compared to traditional arena lighting fixtures.
  • LED Arena Lighting Systems offer easier and more cost-effective maintenance options.
  • Retrofitting traditional metal halide systems offers many benefits

Turn on the Lights with LED Arena Lighting Options

If you want more information or want to learn more about how LED arena lights could be the solution you need, contact us today. At Olympia, we work hard at keeping the lights on so you don’t have to.