Soccer fields are places for exercise and fun, for both adults and children. Oftentimes, scheduling requires games to be held at dusk. With the right LED field lights, it’s possible to illuminate the entire field, so spectators can watch and players don’t miss a step.

Both Indoor and Outdoor Options

Owners of soccer fields may choose to use either outdoor LED field lights or LED indoor sports lighting. The composition of the lights varies slightly, and so do their setups.

For one, with outdoor LED field lights, the lights must be weatherproof and withstand the rain, snow, and heat. On the other hand, LED indoor sports lighting is usually not as bright but still needs to last.


When searching for LED lights for soccer fields, it’s vital that consumers look into the brightness of the lighting. At Olympia Lighting, Inc., we have a variety of options to choose from, from slightly bright lights and very bright lights. Specifically, the brightness has to do with the wattage, which Olympia offers a variety.

Cost Efficiency

As people select LED lights for a soccer field, either indoors or outdoors, it’s vital to consider the price to operate. Between games and practice, the lights may run for several hours each day. With LED lights, the price to operate the lights is lower than that of standard incandescent bulbs. You will save money over time with LED lights on your soccer field.


People desire products that’ll last, and Olympia’s lights do just that. Our lights are meant to last for many years to come. 

Our outdoor lights are weather-resistant, so they’ll hold up during rain, wind, snow, and extreme temperatures.


  • Olympia Lighting offers long-lasting, weather-resistant lighting.
  • These bulbs come with multiple brightness options for any application. 
  • There are also options for indoor and outdoor soccer fields.

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