Olympia Red, White and Blue Clusters Lighting up a Bridge for 4th of July Project

LED lighting has a variety of uses. Most often, it is used to illuminate a space for the sake of visibility and safety. In other applications, it is all about aesthetics. When those needs combine, well-designed and custom-colored lights can solve two problems at once. Olympia Lighting designed a unique street light system for a bridge on the 4th of July. Check out what we did below!

Bridge lit up Red, White, and Blue with Olympia's lights

LED Color Control

Custom lights can be made with precise control over color and color temperature. With this precision, lighting orders can be customized for specific designs and purposes. The 4th of July bridge project is a perfect example.


The goal was simple in concept and complicated in execution. The goal was to light up an entire bridge with custom-made and custom-color lights in a predesigned pattern of red, white and blue. Since the specific lights were manufactured to order, every light perfectly matched the intended design.

Scalable Production

While the lights themselves were engineered for this task, having the right lights is only part of the solution. The other half of the challenge was making something that could scale up to the project and adequately light up the entire bridge.

With scalable production, Olympia could provide a large number of specified lights for an affordable cost. At the same time, production was able to meet deadlines, providing a custom order in time for a holiday decoration.

Weatherproof Outdoor Lighting

Aside from color design, these lights were also designed to function outdoors. That means scalable, precisely-colored lights were made weatherproof too. Providing all of these capabilities in outdoor lighting added to the challenge. Despite that, the color control and scalability did not suffer. These lights matched everything that was needed for the project.


  • Precisely colored LED lights were able to decorate an entire bridge for the 4th of July
  • Scalable production models made the large product affordable on a tight timetable.
  • Weatherproof lighting was designed to live up to the demands of outdoor usage.
  • Olympia has the ability to make custom-made and custom color products. 

When it comes to custom LED street light design, Olympia Lighting can make exactly what you need. Contact us today so that we can design your project and provide you with the perfect solution.