Lighting systems are essential for many applications after sundown. Any area with foot traffic needs lighting for basic safety. In many other cases, lights can improve security for a location. The Olympia solar LED fixture in a New Jersey bus station provides a great example.

Aerolite Systems

The specific system used for this New Jersey bus stop lighting is known as the Olympia LED all-in-one solar street lights, also called “aerolite.” The system is designed to provide LED-based lighting that runs on independent solar power. No external electricity sources are required for operation.

This is a lighting system that can provide nighttime visibility that improves safety and security. The solar power sources are integrated into the system, making it easy to deploy and maintain. It’s easy to see why this was a perfect solution for solar-powered bus shelter lighting. 

Efficiency in Design

In order to make a 100-percent solar system effective for an area like a bus stop, efficiency has to be built into the design. One of the key efficiency attributes in this system is the use of motion sensors. The motion sensor trips when someone walks into the area. This changes the light output of the system from 25 percent to 100 percent. That means that the solar bus stop shelter is never completely dark, but when no one is around, power is still conserved.

The batteries are designed to last 8 hours at 100 percent and 24 hours at 25 percent. This means that for typical traffic at a solar panel bus stop, the lights will work normally until the sun is up and recharging the system.

Adaptable Lighting

These solar lights are available with flexible options that help them adapt to different use cases. The wattage of the lights can range from 10 watts to 60. The output voltage can also be adjusted for different levels of brightness. One can even select varying LEDs of different color temperatures. The adaptability of the lighting outputs allows the solar system to work in a range of applications, from commercial to residential. They can do more than just provide bus shelter solar lighting.


  • Solar power allows for remote applications.
  • Motion sensors boost efficiency to keep the lights on all night.
  • A choice of lighting options allows for adaptable applications.

If you’re in need of new lighting, contact Olympia today. We can craft an elegant solution to your lighting challenges.