LED Stadium Light Fixtures

Flood Lights, Stadium & Sport Lighter, Architecture Flood and Spot Luminaire

  • Each LED Stadium Light Fixture Provides Great Energy Savings!
  • Directive Beam Angle: “SF” Sharp Flood 15°, “NF” Narrow Flood 40°, “MF” Medium Flood 60°

  • 10-Years / 80,000 Hours Warranty (*)
  • Input Voltage Range 120V-277V-480V
  • IP65 Suitable for Damp & Wet Locations
  • Built-in 20KV/10KA Surge  Protection (SPD)
  • 0~10V Dimming & Optional Integral Controls
  • High Power Factor – Self Ballasted Stadium LED Light
  • Our Stadium LED Lighting offers Bright – High CRI – High Lumen Output
LED Stadium Light Fixture

This stadium LED floodlight is a top choice for the bright lighting required on athletic playing fields. Because of the clarity and definition needed, illuminating a stadium is a much greater challenge than lighting up a roadway or a parking lot. Olympia Lighting sells not just replacement bulbs but entire stadium lighting fixtures. Read on to learn more!

Characteristics of LED Stadium Lighting 

With area lights, each fixture casts its illumination over a broad area. But in a stadium, much more intense light output is needed to make the details on the field visible from the stands. Furthermore, the light must be mounted higher, usually 60 to 100 feet high. This requires powerful LED sports lighting with mostly narrow or sharp beam angles, each fixture lighting a relatively small section of the playing surface.

Why replace the entire fixture?

Stadium lights using metal halide lamps are normally 1,000W or 1,500W and get incredibly hot. While LEDs don’t heat up the same way metal halide lamps do. Simply replacing metal halide lamps with LED lamps gives you power reduction of 50% or greater and although there’s some heat reduction, each fixture still produces the heat of a small space heater and the lamps inside the enclosed fixtures run very hot. Olympia Lighting’s Stadium light fixtures contain Forged Aluminum Heat Sink that has the best heat transfer among all practical Heat Sink Materials. Forged Aluminum Heat Sink has twice the heat conduction and Half the Weight of Die-Cast Aluminum Heat Sink. The fixture is a complete design for heat reduction, which preserves the fixture and extends product life.

What illuminating power do these lights have?

They come in wattages of 400W, 500W, 600W and 800W with about 150 lumens per watt, that yields a flux of 60,000 up-to 120,000 Lumens. These produce the same light levels as metal halide lamps with wattages of 1,000W, 1,500W and even 2,000W.

How do I get the proper beam angle?

Beam angles are important for stadium lighting. If the beam angles are right, lighting is uniform across the field with no dim spots or excessive overlap. When they’re done wrong, the playing surface looks patchy to the fans. There can even be cross-beams that affect the players and disrupt the action. A 30 degrees beam angle for instance, will create roughly a 30-foot diameter circle of good lighting at a 50-foot height and a little over 50-foot circle at 100 feet height. It’s not easy to get the set-up exactly right and for best performance a combination of beam angles should be considered.

Olympia Lighting supplies stadium light fixtures with beam angles from 15 degrees to 45 degrees. We have an in-house lighting engineer who will perform light simulations and calculate what power and what beam angles will yield the desired results.

Why is CRI important?

CRI, or color rendering index, is a measure of the light’s accuracy in showing the distinction between colors. In a parking lot, it might not matter if you can’t tell a black car from a blue one; on a playing field, every color distinction is important to the experience of the audience and the competitors. The higher the CRI, the closer objects on the field are to the way they look under sunlight. Stadium lights require a CRI of at least 75. Olympia’s Stadium light fixtures carry a CRI rating of 80.

Why does color temperature matter?

Color correlated temperature (CCT) is a measure of the color of the lights. The most desirable color is a pure white beam with a CCT around 5,000K, which is the CCT of Olympia’s lights.

What other features do these lights have?

  • Built-in 20KV/10KA surge protection
  • Powered by Philips Lumileds
  • Mean Well 7-years LED driver
  • Input voltage range 120V-277V-480V
  • IP65 waterproof rating for damp and wet locations
  • RoHS compliant
  • LM79 and LM80 tested

How long will these fixtures last?

Olympia Lighting’s stadium and sports LED lighting fixtures are warranted for 10 Years or 50,000 hours. Contact Olympia Lighting to discover how we can work with stadium managers and owners to design and deliver the system that will put their playing fields in the best light.