UVC Air Disinfection Wall Unit

Germs are our invisible enemy. We learned that in a sad, scary way. But now, you can be confident that the air you breathe in your workplace, home office, or school is germ-free 24/7. 

It used to be about healthcare sites, but now: schools, offices, colleges, corporations, large manufacturing facilities, and even your home offices must be free of inactive pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and the highly sensitive COVID-19.

At Olympia Lighting, we’ve developed the UVC Air Disinfection Wall Unit, a patented breakthrough smart device that uses UV rays and high airflow to purify, disinfect, and decontaminate the air, and because we’ve housed the light within the unit, no harmful UV rays will damage your skin and eyes.

Our design conforms to CDC, FDA, and EPA standards, and unlike many online offerings, has been tested, certified, and validated by independent 3rd party labs which is why we know the unit reduces microbial production by 99.9%! This is also how we know it produces less than mandated Zero Ozone Concentration levels.

For all its effectiveness, the unit’s slim design enables effortless mounting, easy plug-in, and low visibility when attached to the wall.

Our UVC Air Disinfection Wall Unit will help you get back to normal at work and school and give you peace of mind knowing that safely, simply, and successfully, the air you’re breathing is clean.