Press Release: Patent Approved for UVC Disinfection LED Lamp & Strip Lighting

Olympia’s Patent Approved UVC Disinfection LED Lamp and Strip Lighting Delivers COVID-19 Virus Reduction of Over 99.4 Percent When Combined with Commercial HVAC Applications

In only 8 minutes Olympia’s UVC Device achieved a virus reduction of more than 99.9 percent

Recent test results confirm the effectiveness of the LED light company Olympia’s patent-approved UVC Disinfection lamps and LED light strips. Olympia is an LED light company that specializes in commercial lighting and is a prominent UVC LED irradiation company.

In addition to making strides in the fight against COVID disinfection and irradiation, Olympia is also proud to be a safety-first LED light company. Olympia’s UVC disinfection LED lamps and strips are safe to use in HVAC systems and pose no risk to people. That security is the result of the LED lights being safely installed within and protected by HVAC systems, thereby eliminating exposure.

UVC linear LED strips are also versatile and easy to work with and use. They are lightweight and attach with little effort making them easier to install. These LED strips also are slim enough to fit into CFM HVAC ductwork without issue. From UVC disinfection LED lamps to LED lighting strips, Olympia’s lighting solutions offer practical and effective solutions.

The addition of UV lights to existing commercial HVAC systems permits the cleaning of particles that hide in dark and damp places. These hidden corners and hard-to-reach areas are homes for potential contaminants. And those contaminants are also part of that 99.9 percent communicability reduction as a result of UVC disinfection LED laps and strips.

Those aforementioned tests were by Microbac Laboratories, Inc. The tests were conducted in increments of one, four, and eight minutes. The results of these tests also confirm the importance and the effectiveness of cleaning techniques like Olympia’s UVC disinfection LED lamps and lighting strips.

Olympia commercial LED lighting options are competitively priced, offer 10-year manufacturer warranties, and are effective solutions for COVID disinfecting needs. The role of commercial contractors in today’s world involves prioritizing disinfection and sanitation practices. Those are also concerns that contractors and wholesalers can turn to Olympia Lighting for help with.

For industrial-grade LED lights, service and support for contractors and electricians, and the peace of mind that comes with UVC disinfection, Olympia Lighting is leading and lighting the way.