UVC Troffer Wins EC&M Product of the Year

When it comes to finding high-quality industrial-grade products, it can be a difficult realm to navigate and determine what is best for your application. For that reason, EC&M Product of the Year has its own awards ceremony to honor the best products of 2021. Olympia Lighting’s UVC Lay-in LED Troffer 2-in-1 Luminaire is a winner! The UVC Troffer was tested by an Independent Third Party Laboratory in the USA and found to be very effective, showing a significant reduction of molds, bacteria, and viruses. For those who are yet unfamiliar with the product, here are some reasons UVC LED Troffer light fixtures are considered a world-class choice for LED troffer lights.

Facts About EC&M

For those who have never heard of the company, Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) magazine provides expertise and insight on the latest electrical & lighting products. Additionally, the company also provides marketing services to help electrical businesses generate leads, boost traffic, and increase sales. EC&M also offers technologies and solutions that are used in industrial, commercial, and institutional applications.

Therefore, EC&M is an ideal company to judge which electrical products are superior to others. Each year, they review a wide range of electrical products in order to rank them and choose winners within each category. This is a prestigious award that very few companies earn. However, our company managed to secure a top spot for one of our products.

Here's More About the Winning Product

For those who are wondering about the various features and benefits of UVC Lay-in LED Troffer  light fixtures, some of them are:

• Disinfectant Properties: One of the top benefits of UVC LED troffer lights is their disinfectant properties. In particular, these UVC Troffers reduce 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, and mold in a span of 60 minutes. Additionally, they are designed to mount in seconds and come in two sizes. They are a convenient solution because they produce UVC light at the peak germicidal disinfection wavelength in all types of circulating air systems.

• 2-in-1 Disinfectant Lamp: LED Troffer light fixtures are 2-in-1 disinfectant lamps. They work by disinfecting the air with a concealed UVC LED light, hidden away from eyesight. Additionally, they also serve as an LED light panel.

• Dual Power Supply: LED Troffer light fixtures also offer CCTs ranging from 3,000K to 5,000K and adjustable power between 30W to 50W. These light fixtures also feature a dual-power supply that helps facilitate 24-7 air disinfection. UVC LED troffer lights also offer the capacity to dim the lights or to turn them on and off.

• Two Sizes Available: LED troffer lights are available in 2 ft × 2 ft and 2 ft × 4 ft models. This makes it possible for them to be installed in small and large spaces. They also come complete with a 5-yr/30,000-hr warranty. 

Key Takeaways

• This year, Olympia Lighting was the winner of the prize of “Best Lamp” for the UVC Lay-in LED Troffer light fixtures for EC&M’s Product of the Year.

• This product won because of its unique qualities and features, like reducing 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, and mold in a span of 60 minutes

Olympia Lighting is a premier company that specializes in producing industrial-grade LED lights and fixtures. As a leading company within the LED realm, Olympia Lighting continues to drive the industry towards innovation. A member of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA), Olympia’s products and designs are all guaranteed to meet the pertinent USA safety standards. Serving both electricians and electrical lighting wholesalers, the company has warehouses and sales offices in New Jersey and California. Moreover, Olympia’s products are highly cost-effective and come complete with up to 100,000 hours, 10-year manufacturer warranty; Contact Olympia Lighting for a quote today.