Olympia’s UVC Wall Unit & UVC Troffer Tested For A 99.9% Reduction Of Viruses, Mold And Bacteria

UVC cleaning systems are turning the tide in the current COVID-19 pandemic. A wall-mounted UV light sanitizer continuously delivers a measured dose of high-powered ultraviolet light to disinfect the surrounding environment. Olympia’s UVC LED Wall Unit and UVC Troffer systems have both been tested and proven to reduce 99.9 percent of airborne viruses, mold and bacteria.

Public applications for UVC cleaning systems

This one technology has multiple applications for public institutions like schools, government facilities, churches, and recreational venues. Instead of these facilities relying on typical janitorial cleaning services, UV light for room disinfection provides enhanced sanitizing of hard-to-reach surfaces and the most commonly touched surfaces in bathrooms, lobbies, classrooms, desks, and equipment.

Olympia’s air and surface disinfection solutions can be customized to fit your building’s size and occupancy requirements. The following public applications can save time and labor costs on decontaminating multiple areas at the same time. Virus spread is very common in public spaces, and wall unit LED lighting is the solution for this. The Olympia UVC wall unit has been proven to reduce 99.9 percent of viruses, mold and bacteria.

Depending on how big the spaces are, multiple wall-mounted UV light sanitizers may be used for efficient product coverage. Here are some public applications for UVC cleaning systems:

  • – Retail facilities
  • – Offices and Workspaces
  • – Hotels and Casinos
  • – Gyms, Spas and Beauty salons
  • – Hospitals and Nursing homes
  • – Schools and Daycare Centers
  • Olympia’s UVC Disinfection Wall Unit offers high CFM to move more air as measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Depending on the room size, these products have a CFM rating high enough to continuously disinfect the air.

Lay-in LED Troffers Benefit Commercial Facilities

Even the best UVC germicidal lamp won’t be of benefit if it distracts from business operations. A lay-in LED UVC light troffer fits seamlessly into existing ceiling grids to blend in with offices, retail, and commercial facilities. In addition to cleaning the air of viruses, Olympia’s LED troffer lights have also proven to be 99.9 percent effective on mold and bacteria. Both these types of pathogens can negatively affect the air quality in a commercial facility.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is reduced in commercial buildings for a number of reasons:

  • – Consistently elevated moisture levels or indoor humidity can increase the growth of pathogens
  • – Wet walls or leaking roof can lead to mold and bacteria growth
  • – Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that adversely affect the air quality inside buildings
  • – Inadequate ventilation can increase indoor pollutant levels


Offer your employees and your customers better indoor air quality by using lay-in LED troffers equipped with the best UVC germicidal lamp.

Medical grade UV light for healthcare facilities

Finally, a medical-grade UV light for healthcare facilities can deliver calculated doses of UVC light with enough power to reduce 99.9 percent of viruses, mold, and bacteria in healthcare settings. Healthcare facility managers agree that medical-grade UV light is an economical choice for improving patient safety and maintaining the reputation of the hospital.

UV light effectively penetrates the physical body of pathogens to destroy bacteria, germs, fungi, and viruses from the inside out. The shorter wavelength of a UVC LED The CDC recognizes UVC light for the disinfecting and sanitizing of healthcare facilities and for infection control within healthcare facilities.


  • Olympia’s LED Troffer light fixtures have also proven to be 99.9 percent effective on mold and bacteria.
  • The CDC recognizes UVC light for the disinfecting and sanitizing of healthcare facilities.
  • Olympia’s air and surface disinfection solutions are customized to fit your building’s size and occupancy requirements

Consider Olympia UVC light systems for control bacteria, mold, and fungus within your facility along with the eradication of the coronavirus, and many other harmful pathogens.